Seven Days Of Fire is a three-piece rock band based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Their up-tempo, rhythmic sound draws inspiration from bands such as AC/DC, Green Day, and fellow Canadian band Billy Talent. They have rocked many of Ottawa's biggest live music venues such as the Brass Monkey, Maverick's, Cafe Dekcuf, Petrie Island and the Capital Fair. Expect some awesome new tunes soon in 2018!


Bailey Photo

As the lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Bailey plays a big part in portraying the band's up-tempo, high energy style. He has been playing guitar since the age of three, jamming out riffs and finding his unique tone. Since taking over as lead vocalist in March of 2018, a new, heavier sound has arisen for the three-piece band. Look for Bailey to be running laps around the Bronson Centre before playing one of the band's original songs.


Tyler Photo

Ever since he joined the band in 2015, Tyler has always provided the always-reliable and distinctive low-end sound. His steady bass lines and deep tone provide the underlying foundation for all the band's work. He has also recently taken on a bigger role in terms of backup vocals and has been working extremely hard to prevent any future shoulder dislocations.


Alexei Photo

Alexei's loud, driving beats behind the kit have been a staple in the band's sound since its inception. He provides a high-energy presence at the back of the stage and his simple but effective drum patterns blend with the songs to create a well balanced sound. You will most likely see him forgetting equipment at venues or on the road for his thirty-minute commute to each band practice.

Photos courtesy of 457 THE EDGE / Stephen Vermette


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